Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday: Meatloaf.

The oven is inexplicably working again.....  But I'm running late, and not too much time for process pics today.  We ended up with Mashed potatoes.. but it went over well- Boy had three slices!
For two 1lb meat loaves:
1 lb ground beef
1lb turkey
2 beaten eggs
1 package Stove top stuffing mix OR two cups seasoned bead crumbs
Ketchup, BBQ sauce, or honey mustard
Frozen spinach
shredded cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Let meat come to room temperature
Spin breadcrumbs in food processor till very fine
In a large bowl, mix beef and turkey,until completely combined.  add eggs, and breadcrumbs.  continue working with your hands until fully combined. Because I'm using stove top for my breadcrumb, I don't need any other seasonings.

Split meat mixture in half.  form one into a pan shaped log, flatten the other into a rectangle, about the size of a sheet of paper.

Line two loaf pans with foil, leaving at least an inch lap on the long sides to make removal easier.  Spray the sides and bottom down with cooking spray.  Line one pan completely with bacon.  put the log of meat into this pan and press it in till thee are no more air pockets.  Top with more bacon.  Layer shredded cheese and thawed frozen spinach on the second loaf.  roll up from short edge, place in greased pan,seam side down,and press gently into shape.  COVER this pan with foil.  Bake at 350 deg.for one hour, along side russet baking potatoes  Internal temp of meatloaf should be 165 -170.
Glaze with Ketchup, BBQ sauce or honey mustard in last half hour, if desired.

Alternate cooking method: press into the bottom of your foil lined slow cooker, and bake on high for 8 hours. use foil to lift loaf from cooker.

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