Monday, November 7, 2011

11-6-11 Monday- Stone Soup

Remember the fable "Stone Soup?"  A soldier (or two , or three) heading home from the war, stops in a village. The villagers have all hidden their foodstuffs, because they've been raided so often by soldiers.  The soldier is told that the village is starving, and there is no food to spare, so he offers to make the village stone soup.  He boils a pot of water, throws in a stone, and tastes it.  He talks about how wonderful the soup is, but it would be just a little better with an onion.  Someone offers that the might have an onion, someone else has some potatoes, and pretty soon each person in the village has contributed something to the soup.

 Tonight's soup is kind of like that- Thursday's leftover pot roast and veggies looked pretty lean, so I added more potatoes, the leftover BBQ beef , a couple of cans of cream of mushroom soup, and WOW- a lovely , hearty soup, that even a husband could love.  I ate my bowl before I remembered that I should take pictures.  This week is going to be pretty lean on pictues- I'm sewing for TeslaCon, and going to be petty busy.  Tomorrow is dinner out with the Anime crew, so no post till Wednesday.  See you then!

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