Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dinner Disaster II

 So we spent the week at the cabin last week, and did pretty well on groceries. $158 fed  two adults and four teens for the week, not counting extra milk runs, and ice cream from the ice cream shop.  We had baked beans ( a hit), Pizza (frozen), coffee cake for breakfasts, Apple Pie ( a disaster)  pasta w/ meat sauce ( a hit)  Cupcakes ( both a hit and a disaster- the dog ate EIGHT....)  Here is how the week went.

  • Monday Morning:  Coffee Cake, Juice
  • Monday Night: Pot roast (a hit), Ice Cream for desert ($2.69/ 1.75 quart container from Piggly wiggly - a steal!)
  • Tuesday Morning: toast, eggs, Snausages**
  • Tuesday evening Planned Baked beans-  HAD Pasta w/ meat sauce (forgot to soak the beans overnight on Monday)
  • Wed. mornning toast, eggs Snausages
  • Wed Evening: Baked beans w/ cornbread.  Cupcakes in afternoon- lost 1/3 of batch to dog.  Went to see BRAVE $36 on popcorn and other treats.
  • Thursday- Toast for breakfast for those that could wake up enough to eat before heading out the door to paddle a Voyager canoe all morning.
  • Thursday evening- Frozen pizza, chocolate cupcakes- NONE for dogs........
  • Friday morning- eggs toast etc
  • Friday evening- "Poison  Chicken*" and rice ( a disaster), and apple pie.  
  • Sat morning, coffee cake for breakfast.  home for lunch.          
Discovered something about my rice cooker: it's little rice scoop is NOT a full cup of rice.  Need to find its original scoop, or order one from the company.  Rice was NOT fully cooked.  Added more water and thought I had re-started the cycle- Rice cooker did not re start.  Kids ate dinner around 10 pm.  Relented and had apple pie around eight.  Pie was only ok- Bottom crust not done well enough, apples not cooked through- despite 45 minutes in a 375 oven.   Everything else we baked this week came out well.  don't understand the pie....... top crust was lovely, bottom was like paste.  I've never had this happen with a pie in the past.   just weird.   Friday was also a volume disaster(not enough food), but I don't count that as my fault- was feeding three teens who had not been accounted for in the original plan- they were supposed to leave around supper time, but their pick up had car issues.  

Farm fresh eggs do not make good hard boiled eggs, unless they are 2+ weeks old  We lost most of the whites to peeling eggs.   Farm fresh eggs make GREAT breakfasts though!

All in all, despite low water (less than a foot deep at the end of the new 40 foot dock extension) a pontoon that seems to be cursed ( launched and pulled  three times in one week,for three different engine issues)and early morning cranky kids- we had a good time, thanks to the very generous friend who invites us up annually.

*Poison Chicken is a corruption of Hoison Chicken- a misunderstanding when my son was little has led to this family joke.  No teen or adult died in the eating of this meal- there was not even mild gastric distress.

**Another family joke- I did not feed the kids dog treats.

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