Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Good morning! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.  I'm trying to be quiet because my guys are still asleep.  They got home between four and five this morning.

Jessica over at is having a Pantry Challenge this month, and I plan to join in.  Because my pantry is not terribly extensive at the moment, for me this means shopping the shelves at home first, working on filling the freezer with homemade "convenience" meals, planning weekly meals, and shopping sensibly (and not hungry!).

I'm also going to focus on getting pictures for the blog of our meals. That has kind of fallen by the wayside these last couple of weeks.  It's hard to remember to take pictures first when you and your family are hungry! 
Hubby finally called the home warranty people about the stove yesterday- hopefully we'll hear back from them on Tuesday, and I'll have a working oven by the end of next week.

This week's meals and shopping list  Italics are pantry items:
Sunday: Wild rice and Spinach  Stuffed Pork Loin with biscuits  and cauliflower and carrots
Monday: Calico Beans and corn bread (baked Sunday at a friend's house)
Tuesday: out
Wednesday: Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread
Thursday: Stir fried vegetables & chicken  with rice
Friday: soup and sandwiches
Saturday: pulled pork sandwiches, chips

Make ahead meals:
Sloppy Joe mix- ground beef, condiments, veg soup
lasagna- ground beef. noodles, cheese, sauce
beef stew -stew beef, frozen veg, onion soup mix
Swedish meatballs (build and freeze sauce) milk, mushrooms, instant coffee, beef broth, flour, butter

Shopping List:
Wild Rice
Frozen veg mixes (stock up and Thursday night)
frozen boneless skinless chicken thighs (stock up and Thursday night)
frozen juice
Lunch meats
ground beef (stock up item)
taco seasoning (stock up item)
Ice cream(if there is a sale on bryers)
soy sauce
hoisin sauce
chicken yakisoba
beef bones


  1. You go girl! I've got 'sgetti' sauce in the crock pot for tomorrow. All the yellow tomatoes from our garden (FINALLY RIPE) and a pound of ground beef. We'll see how it comes out...

  2. mmmmm... yellow tomato sauce sounds lovely! Send me pictures!