Thursday, January 19, 2012

Freezer Lasagna

Yesterday I made ahead and froze 9 individual chicken lasagnas.  I boiled up 3 lbs of boneless skinless chicken thighs in 3 qts of water with salt ad pepper.  
When they were thoroughly cooked, I transferred them to the work bowl of my Kitchen Aid, and used the paddle to "pull" them.  I added a 32 oz jar of Prego, and allowed it to cool. 
Meanwhile, I broke my lasagna noodles in half, and added them to the already boiling chicken water, along with an extra can of broth.  I allowed them to boil for 17 minutes.  While they were boiling, I prepped my mini loaf pans, spooning a liitle sauce into the bottom of each.  Once the noodles had boiled, I added one to each pan.
Then I layered in more of the red sauce/chicken mixture, and some ricotta cheese, topped that with another cooked noodle, the remainder of the red sauce, and some Mozzarella.  I covered the tray with foil, and set it in m chest freezer for several hours.  Once the lasagnas were solid, I covered each individually with foil, and marked them with sharpie- date, contents and cooking instructions (thaw, bake 60 minutes @350)

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